Mighty Eighth Edition of 250

Overall Print Size – 32″ x 24″

Part II of the Band of Brothers portfolio.

Thunderheads over Ridgewell

381st Bomb Group B-17 Fortresses seen returning to Ridgewell on a summer afternoon in 1944 during a period when the Group reached the peak of it effectiveness- for several months it was the top ranked outfit in the Eighth. Between June 1943 and the end of hostilities the 381st completed 297 combat missions, hit almost every important target in German hands and was credited with the destruction of 223 enemy aircraft. One aircraft, more than any other, came to symbolise the great bombing campaign of the USAAF in Europe during World War Two – Boeing’s B-17 Flying Fortress.

Signed by the Artist &
Captain Turner G. Brasher
Major Edward A. Klein
First Lieutenant Vincent J. Peters

issued with a companion print – ‘Another Mission Completed’


The Portfolio also includes:
Part I Band of Brothers   – Bomber Command Edition
Part III Mustangs on the Prowl*  –  Mighty Eighth Edition
Part IV A Time for Heroes  –  Fighter Pilots Edition
Part V Hellcat Fury  – War in the Pacific Edition

We have a complete set of all 5 prints + the 4 companion prints in this portfolio all with matching numbers (26)
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*Part III is only available in the Mighty Eighth edition as part of the set

Mustangs on the Prowl                                                Thunderbolt

mustangs         thunderbolt_taylor
Overall Print Size – 23″ x 35″                                    12″ x 9″

Colonel Elwyn Righetti  the 55th Fighter Group CO in a P51-D Mustang is leading his group along the Rhine gorge near the Castle of Stalbeck, returning to their base at Wormingford in 1945.
Signed by:
Major Bill Allen
Colonel Gerald Brown
Colonel Donald Cummins
Colonel Steve Pisanos
Colonel Bud Mahurin
and issued with companion print ‘Thunderbolt’
signed by Colonel Jim Goodson and Colonel Gabby Gabreski